Power to the People

With fantastic resources of wind, sun, tides, geothermal heat and critical minerals, Cornwall could drive the whole country’s clean energy revolution.

However, the UK’s 100-year-old grid infrastructure means this potential can’t be harnessed – while huge numbers of local people are living in poorly insulated homes they can’t afford to heat.

Power to the People explores the exciting opportunities and huge challenges facing us as we wean ourselves off fossil fuels – from a farmer who’s found a novel way to combine food production with solar panels, opportunities to use our historic heritage to power the future, and projects to harness the amazing untapped heat 5km down in the Earth’s crust.

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What you can do

It can feel like truly meaningful action needed in the area of energy will only come through government policy.

It’s certainly true that upgrading the National Grid, policies to support the rollout of more renewables, and providing subsidies and grants for home retrofitting are out of our hands.

However, the smaller picture is important too.

Over 20% of UK emissions come from the energy used in our homes – and this is particularly significant in Cornwall, where so many of us live in old houses with oil-fired heating, poor insulation and single glazing.

This sub-standard housing fabric means our homes waste a lot of energy. Anything we can do to improve our home insulation and reduce overall energy use will be good not just for the climate but for our bank balances too!

There are grants available to help with house retrofitting, but if bigger works like installing solar panels or a heat pump are beyond you (or you live in rented accommodation with no control over these things), there are lots of simpler actions you can take to save energy too. Cumulatively, these could have a significant impact.

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Our carbon footprint

As a project to document the facts around climate change in Cornwall, we take our own carbon footprint very seriously and aim to tread as lightly as possible.

We operate in accordance with an environmental policy that covers everything from our transport (which accounts for the bulk of our emissions) and banking to data storage and battery charging.